Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box Review + October Coupon Codes!

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Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box
Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box 

I do love exfoliating whether it’s for my face or body to smooth away dead skin and bring on the new.  As you can guess, I was thrilled when the Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box arrived.

Inside that hot pink package, I found six Korean favorites to help me in my quest. This assortment sold for $23.00 in addition to the $6.99 shipping, but it went quickly.  My best advice is that you need to be fast to order when you see a box that you like.

Check out what I received below. 

Memebox Special #29 Scrub Box

1.  insobeau Natural Base Cereal Peeling MaskFull Size (150ml)–$27.00

2.  Eglips JolieBeBe Lip PolishFull Size (15ml)–$7.00

3.  THE HERB FACTORY Foot Scrub Peppermint & Tea TreeFull Size (200g)–$14.00

4.  PIBUGONGGAM G Facial ScrubFull Size (50g)–$13.00

5.  Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub WashFull Size (160g)–$19.00

6.  New Girl Fast Scalp Hair Root Up AmpouleFull Size (20ml)–$6.00

Total Value: $86.00!

The insobeau Natural Base Cereal Peeling Mask uses an all-natural formula that includes cornstarch and flour to peel away dead skin and brighten the complexion.  

The Eglips JolieBeBe Lip Polish uses a jojoba oil formula of beadlike grains for exfoliating dry, flaky lips.  At the same time, it also has a moisturizing shea butter complex to keep lips soft.

THE HERB FACTORY Foot Scrub is something my feet loved.  This product has walnut shell powder that gently exfoliates rough skin.  You just add some of this foot scrub to wet feet, massage a bit before rinsing and discovering softer feet!

The PIBUGONGGAM G Facial Scrub has orange and tangerine peels, grapefruit, sea buckthorn, red poppy petals, and aronia extracts to exfoliate and rejuvenate the complexion.

I adored the Tosowoong Perfume Body Scrub, which is available at the Memeshop.  This stuff made for a blissful bath with its sweet, but also refreshing scent.  This scrub has almond, apricot, walnut and honey extracts to slough off old skin.  

The New Girl Fast Scalp Hair Root Up Ampoule is heavy duty scalp treatment for deep cleaning with salicylic acid among the ingredients.  My guess is this would be good to try if you have oily hair or if you want to strip your hair old styling products before coloring your hair.  I plan to give this to my guy to use with how oily his hair can get.

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There is so much to love about Memebox like their SALES and the Memeshop with their unique products.

With their current Thursday Sale that runs until 10/5, you can get FREESHIPPING on all orders over $30.  Now is the time to stock up on moisturizers because you can save 30%!!!!

Enter Code FREESHIPPING to get free shipping on Shop orders above $70.

If you haven’t yet experienced Korean beauty, you need to try Memebox because you will love what their products can do to keep you gorgeous!

*Disclaimer: Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion even though it contains affiliate links.*


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