American Standard Faucet Review: Alejandra Is Inexpensive and Easy Install!


American Standard Alejandra Faucet
American Standard Alejandra Faucet


I bought an inexpensive American Standard Alejandra faucet months ago.  What I wanted was a national brand with a lifetime warranty.  This assures me that if it drips, the company will send the original home owner, me, a new cartridge.  Here is my honest review of this American Standard bathroom faucet.

**Disclaimer: This faucet was purchased by me.**

The bottom part where the water lines connect is brass.  It was so easy it was to install and the faucet looks great.

I found this faucet in Home Depot after a careful search because it looked the easiest to install and was a good design.  And being around $50 was a big plus.

Trust me, but you can spend a lot on a faucet.  But for my first crack at installing a faucet I wanted something like this.

Putting in a new faucet isn’t that big a deal at all.  Just read the instructions first.  Make sure you have all the stuff you need before you start your project.  I hate running back to the store for something.

I was happy to find American Standard made products that are perfect for regular DIY people to install.  Looking over the installation sheet shows you don’t need a bunch of tools. The oddest tool I needed was a basin wrench, which I used to get the old faucet off the vanity.

American Standard has these very simple to install nuts to attach the faucet to the water lines that you just slip on and tighten with your hands. They are much easier to work with than the metal nuts that came off my old faucet.

All I bought were fresh flexible water lines.  It’s always a good idea to replace those when you put in the faucet.   American Standard has a speed connect drain pop up, which replaces the normal rod controlling the pop up drain with a wire.  This does work better.

This American Standard faucet for this review cost me $49 and I am very happy with its appearance.  If you’re a do-it-yourself person, you should give this one  a try.  Your biggest obstacle might be just taking your old faucet off.





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  1. Anonymous
    November 4, 2014 / 2:43 pm

    I just replaced both faucets in my master bath with these. And you're right; the hardest part was getting the old ones out.

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