Reshape Your Body With Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack Review

Luxury Slim Pack from Daring Beaute
Luxury Slim Pack from Daring Beaute


I, like most women, have a cellulite problem. Despite my best efforts, I am always battling this disgusting condition that results in lumpy deposits of fat and waste trapped beneath the skin.  This never-ending cycle comes from our unique female hormones, which we have no control over. Though as grim as that fact is, I tried an amazing multi-step treatment from a company called Daring Beaute that definitely helps smooth out that dimpled skin and improve the look of your figure.

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Daring Beaute.**

The Daring Beaute products that I used were the ones in their Luxury Slim Pack. This consists of the Cellu Burner anti-cellulite cream, a body brush, a body massager, and slimming leggings.

All I did to start seeing changes was following the direction by starting dry brushing with the body brush and body massager twice a week before I bathed to stimulate circulation and prepare for the treatment.   You can alternate these tools, but I used them both.

Afterwards, I applied the Cellu Burner from the waist to the bottom of calves and concentrated on the thighs and buttock, the worst eyesores. This product has a patented solution called BODYFIT and guarana, which is five times more powerful than caffeine for drawing out the toxins and fat deposits while firming.

As soon as you rub that massaged skin with the Cellu Burner, you can feel some warmth as I slipped on the slimming leggings, the final step in this treatment. This is hardly uncomfortable only such that you feel like the product is doing something.

The stretchy slimming leggings help compress the treated fatty areas and further heat the cellulite.  I got the small, which fit this size six body perfectly.  You are meant to wear them for two hours a day.  At the beginning, I wore them for most of the day while working on the computer until my next bath.  I started noticing less grapefruit like skin when squeezed. Also, I must say that the skin that I had treated felt softer as well.

Slimming Leggings by Daring Beaute.jpeg
Here are both sizes of the Slimming Leggings from Daring Beaute that I was sent.


I later tried exercising once I had the Cellu Burner and slimming leggings to see if I could speed up the burning of the cellulite.  You probably will think this is silly, but I can swear my problem areas looked even better.

Over the weeks that I have been using this Luxury Slim Pack, I watched my body change with less cellulite more with each session.  While these products will not banish cellulite forever since it is natural part of our female chemistry, Daring Beaute’s multi-step treatment will keep that cellulite beautifully at bay.

Any woman would do herself a favor by visiting Daring Beaute’s website.   You can buy the products separately or take advantage of the current slashed half price of $59.50.

The Luxury Slim Pack  would make a great gift for yourself or someone on your holiday gift shopping list!



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  1. Kelly OMalley
    December 16, 2014 / 7:30 pm

    This is such a wonderful gift idea. I think I will get this for my daughter. She is in college and she gets so stressed out. Maybe this would help her to relax and take care of herself.

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