Review: Guess Dare Eau de Toilette — I Love This Fragrance’s Notice-Me-Vibe!

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Guess Dare

It may be winter, but I have a sure bet on how to stay warm.  You might want to get your hands on Guess Dare because this fruity-floral fragrance is wickedly irresistible in getting his focus on you with its flirty energy and fresh bold appeal. Created by perfumer, Bruno Janovich, this exciting new Guess fragrance originally launched July 2014 in collaboration with Coty Beauty. 

Guess Dare Eau de Toilette.jpeg
Guess Dare Eau de Toilette 

The opening fruity notes  of this fragrance are attention-getting with crisp citrus from kumquat  and lime flower against pear blossom.  The result of this marriage is a cleaner fruity scent with an unmistakable confidence coming through from that notice-me-vibe.

In the heart, however, this Guess Dare becomes even more of a flirt as well as feminine with cactus flower, jasmine, and wild rose.  The mix is relentless in its daring pursuit of romance as this fragrance warms and unfolds.

As Guess Dare dries down there is no refusing that sexy invitation it delivers so beautifully with the green and woody base notes of its blond woods against the coconut palm.

Guess Dare Eau de Toilette Unboxed.jpeg
Guess Dare Eau de Toilette Unboxed

Take it from this perfumista, this fruity-floral fragrance is fresh, but yet seductive.  It is also one that makes the wearer feel unstoppable in her sexiness.  I do love it and think you would to if you tried Guess Dare Eau de Toilette also.   It also would make a great gift, if you’re doing some last minute holiday shopping.

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