Lady Gaga’s Fame Eau de Parfum Review

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This is a bold, but sexy fragrance.

Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, Fame launched Fall, 2012 from her own The Haus Laboratories Paris and in conjunction with Coty Beauty.  Just as theatrical as the singer herself, this fruity floral is meant to be just as boldly shocking as the performer on stage to attract attention.

This fragrance is about walking on the wild side and the price of her stardom both sweet and glorious as well as the dark, destructive aspect of fame. Thus, the color choice of the perfume of black for the liquid (that does change to clear on the skin), symbolizing the dark side of her pop stardom to the gold detailing and cap that represents the light side, sweetness and allure associated with it.

Fame is based on three accords so it comes off differently with a “push-pull” sort of effect than utilizing top, middle, and base notes.  The dark accord is composed of the Belladonna notes, and the sensual accord consists of the honey, saffron, and apricot notes, and the light accord covering the Tiger Orchid notes to create it.

Though I do not find Fame as cheap or outrageous as I was led to believe, I do feel this fragrance is quite unique and mystifying with how the fruit, floral, spice, and musk merge almost at once as it seductively plays against the skin.  There is a mild sweetness from the honey and saffron that has been kept in check by the apricot, but I would label this more of an oriental floral than a fruity-floral due to how the belladonna weaves through this fragrance to intensify the floral. And yet, the incense adds to its intriguing allure and sultriness due to those deep musky tones.

If you like a floral fragrance steeped in mystery, I think you would enjoy Lady Gaga’s Fame for yourself or give as a holiday gift.  The 3.4 oz. eau de parfum retails for $79. Do check this one out.


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