How to Conceal Serious Dark Circles


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A concealer with light-reflecting pigments can help brighten under eye darkness and reduce the look of dark circles.


Trying to cover up my allergic shiners has taught me quite a few things of what works and what does not when it comes to dealing with heavy duty under eye darkness. What I am about to share with you is a great makeup trick to use on those days when your dark circles are extremely bad.

An easy and reliable makeup trick that helps counteract serious dark circles involves using a creamy white eye shadow.  Try dabbing some creamy white eye shadow in the corners of your eyelids at the top and bottom.  You will immediately notice an improvement. Those ladies with a dark complexion can try the same technique only use a light brown shadow instead. Now blend well before layering on concealer on the area and around the eyes.

I also found that the best shades of concealer are ones that have pink, peach or yellow undertones to offset the blue and green darkness lurking beneath your eyes. Picking the right shade of concealer can neutralize the darkness and work miracles when hiding serious dark circles.

Furthermore, concealers that have light-reflecting pigments are the most helpful, especially for dealing with serious dark circles .  This variety of concealer will redirect light–and attention away from that darkness.

On those occasions, I suggest steering clear of certain eye shadow colors such as purple, red, plum and blue shades.  Instead of being complimentary, those particular colors will work against you and call attention to serious dark circles.  You’ll just end up looking like you lost a fight so keep that in mind when making up your eyes and opt for ones that are neutral or have warm tones in brown, peach, or gold.

Another suggestion you might want to explore is trying to lighten your under eye darkness from within.




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