Rethinking Makeup for Aging Gracefully

Rethinking Makeup for Aging Gracefully


Aging does affect the choices and shades of cosmetics we should be using.   After all, what suited us so well before may now be entirely wrong for us due to changes in our skin and facial tone.  For this reason, you may want to start rethinking makeup and shades if you intend on aging gracefully.

Starting in our forties, skin that was once plump and vibrant becomes drier, flakier and paler with every passing birthday.  To stay ahead of the aging game, you need to reconsider what stays and goes in your makeup bag.

Now is the time to get in the habit of wearing primer. This can help fill in some lines and create smoothness for more of a perfected surface before foundation goes on. Some complexions do not take well to lightweight silicone-based formulas and breakout or become irritated while others respond beautifully.  Nonetheless, if your complexion is very dry or on the sensitive side, your skin probably would prefer a silicone-free formula. Finding the right one is mainly through trial and error.

In your makeup bag, you may have powder foundation and blush.  With this increased dryness that comes from aging, you may want to switch out those cosmetics for moisture rich creams, gels, and liquid formulas instead for added freshness.   Powder forms on dry skin can sometimes streak.

If you don’t want to bother with primer, then keep the base only to the areas needed to even out your complexion.  A minimal amount is less likely to settle into lines and creases.

You might feel you need to set your foundation with finishing powder.  This is a mistake since that powder thwarts light reflection on that, otherwise, more luminous face.

Since aging lips thin as a result of less collagen production, it pays rethinking makeup to lighten the shades of color you wear for aging gracefully. Dark lipsticks can be too overpowering now.  The result can be lips that look tightened and pressed together. Sheer and brighter colors can liven up an ashier complexion.

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