Dieting Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated

Dieting Tips to Keep Motivated Fruits, Weights and Measuring Tape
Sometimes, the little things you do can have the biggest impact on dieting efforts. These dieting tips are ones that have worked for me and can do the same for you.


Trying to lose weight is never an easy task.  However, there are a few things that I have tried that definitely keeps you focused on your goal–instead of the refrigerator.   You might want to try a few of these helpful dieting tips for yourself to stay motivated when needing to drop extra pounds.

Unless you feel sick, you may not feel health is enough of a dieting motivator.  In that case, your body image is often stronger.  What I found helps is to look at yourself naked and keep that picture with you in your mind when you feel that urge to cheat.

Another helpful technique is cutting out  magazine pictures of bodies that you want to look like and attach them to your refrigerator door for inspiration.  You can always hang a photo of your clothed self next to those hard bodes as a reminder of what you are striving for.  I don’t know about you, but it curbs my hunger when I see those perfect bodies smiling from my refrigerator.  My hand just seems to move away from the refrigerator door automatically.

As you begin to lose weight, I found it helps to snap a new picture every week and add it to your refrigerator collage.  This positive change in your ever-changing body strengthens your resolve further every time you see new improvements that take you closer to your ideal body.

This next dieting tip that I am about to share with you may sound totally ridiculous, but I suggest you try it first before dismissing it.  Before your lunch or dinner, try brushing your teeth first.  You might be surprised at how that taste will affect your appetite so you eat less.

I hope you try these dieting tips because they may help you too!



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