How to Select Your Best Lip Colors for Whiter Teeth

How to Select Your Best Lip Colors for Whiter Teeth Lip Colors
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When you pick out lip colors suited for your skin tone, you can make your teeth look whiter as well as compliment your complexion as I explained in an earlier post. Though as wonderfully as that works, I found an even better method of making those selections for the illusion of even whiter teeth.

Before you think of skin tone, you will need to judge the color of your teeth.  The enamel has two distinct shades either of yellow-ivory-browns or a mix of blue-grays. If you’re confused about how to make this determination, here is a simple trick to see where your teeth fall.

Get a white paper and stand in front of a mirror.  Hold that sheet near your mouth and smile.  If your teeth seem more yellow, you probably should consider red and orange shades over pinks or purples that would do the opposite and bring out more yellow in your teeth.

On the other hand, if you see more of a blue-gray to your teeth, then steer clear of reds and orange shades because they will only work against you.  Better alternatives are pinks, especially bright pink, purple tones, and berries to help brighten up your particular smile.

I am confident that once you try this trick for finding the best lips colors for whiter teeth that you’ll love the difference.  Try it out and be amazed!


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