Prone to Dry, Chapped Lips and Need Help?

Prone to Dry, Chapped Lips and Need Help Lip Balm?


We’ve all been there with the pain associated with dry, chapped lips.  They can peel and bleed as well as distract from your beauty.  However, there are reasons this problem can be happening other than harsh winter weather.  Therefore, if you are prone to dry, chapped lips and need help to cure and stop this cycle of hurt, then this post has just what you’re looking for.

The explanation could be as simple as if you lick your lips.  You may not even realize how many times you could be doing that when outdoors.  Yet, this may be something to think about especially if you wear flavored lipstick, gloss or lip balm.  Instead, try switching to a non-flavored variety right now.  The heating and cooling systems in our homes also can strip our bodies of moisture so try drinking more water.  Another help is investing in a humidifier.  If you want to improvise, here is a trick that helps without purchasing one.

Try hanging a wet towel (not a sobbing one that will drip everywhere) from your doorknob to become your makeshift humidifier will help.  Moisture filters through the air as the towel dries in the night. Another DIY humidifier is putting a small bowl of water near a radiator.  This will also cause that water to evaporate into the air to help keep the skin hydrated.

You even have to take into account the toothpaste that you are using.  Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient that received a lot of media attention for causing irritation that can lead to dry, chapped lips.  Look at your dental products as well such as mouthwashes for dehydrating alcohols, which also may be culprits to your problem.

You might also consider checking the ingredients in your lipsticks and glosses for propyl gallate, fragrance, or phenyl salicylate (salol).  Those particular ingredients are the most probable ones you could be allergic to. To find out for sure, stop using the product with either of those ingredients and see if your problem clears up.

So what is the best thing you can do to clear up that dryness, peeling or that hurtful condition of chapping?

To get rid of that annoying dry, peeling skin, exfoliate your lips.  You can use lots of natural options like baking soda or sugar with a bit of water to form a paste over your lips to help rub that peeling skin off.  In this case, I recommend adding one teaspoon of honey (for its antibacterial properties) to one teaspoon of sugar to make the exfoliate.

Next, avoid medicated, cooling lip products with ingredients such as camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus and menthol.  While these temporarily relieve the pain, they are known for drying out the lips more with frequent use.

You may be under the impression that petroleum jelly might be a better alternative. Yes, this emollient creates a protective outer barrier for the lips.   However, petroleum does contain less than healthy ingredients such as  risky polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, linked to cancer.  After all, chapped lips often can be cracked and bleeding so why invite potential trouble?

There is a safer remedy.  Look for products with beeswax, cocoa butter and/or shea butter as a base for healing relief.

Furthermore, you can turn to your kitchen as well. Any of your cooking oils can do the job of soothing.   If you like a cooling effect, try coconut oil.  Once you keep that product refrigerated, it hardens into a balm-like consistency, which you can take out as needed.

Take care and I hope that you try what I suggested for ending your problem of dry chapped lips!  Trust me, but these tips can help end your misery once and for all.


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