Before You Buy Your Next Handbag, Read This!

Bulga Handbag.jpeg
My Bulga Studded Leather Satchel

Let’s face it handbags and shoes are both something that a girl can never have too much of.  However, this addiction can run into considerable money, especially if you’re drawn to those outlandishly gorgeous designer handbags. Therefore, I thought I would pass along some helpful tips to keep in mind before you decide to buy your next handbag.

The first thing to inspect is the bag’s closures.  If the manufacturer makes security too complicated a process with how the bag opens, it might take you longer than you care for undoing straps along with another metal closure, perhaps, just before you reach inside.  Ask yourself how much time you want to spend before getting into your bag.   

On the other hand, some manufacturers are too lax about securing a bag with no real closures.  Closures serve a purpose of keeping your valuables safe whether from potential thieves or if your handbag accidentally takes a tumble. 

Opened Bulga Handbag.jpeg
Examine inside your new handbag

Look at the bag’s construction carefully.  Check for neat, even stitching with no loose strings or glue showing, which can give you a likely clue to how it will hold up to wear or if it is authentic.

Bottom of Bulga Handbag.jpeg
It’s important to inspect the entire bag.  This is the bottom of my Bulga Studded Leather Satchel.

Test out the handbag for comfort.  How does the weight feel?  If the bag already feels heavy empty, then you can imagine how much heavier it will feel when you load it up with your stuff.  In my opinion, I would rather look for a lighter bag than suffer unnecessarily.

The straps are also critical when thinking of comfort.   A chain strap may look trendy, but they can also get very cold on your shoulder as well as leave welts.  Length and thickness of a strap also deserve thought.  A heavily padded wider strap with beautiful stitching that you envisioned looking so sensational hanging from your shoulder could end up being too bulky or a tight fit under your arms.  

It’s good also to keep size and function in mind.  Remember that the shallower the bag is, the easier it is to search through.  Whereas, the deeper the bag, the longer you will hunt for whatever you’re searching for inside.  If you consider yourself impatient and highly organized, it might be better to opt for a bag with lots of sections and pockets more than one such as a hobo bag.

Another important point to consider is the hardware of the bag.  Ask yourself what you wear more of gold or silver jewelry?  After all, you don’t want to clash every time you go to your jewelry box if you can help it.


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  1. lil_lady_dz
    February 20, 2015 / 6:48 pm

    When purse buying I always inspect the bag really closely, I look at the overall quality, like stitching, metal hardware, and the material of the bag.

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