Diamond Professional Hair Styler Review From Irresistible Me

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Those of us with natural curls or waves in our hair know it can have a mind of its own. Instead of letting nature determine how you must wear your hair, we are fortunate to have the freedom to change the texture of our hair at will. Thanks to professional treatments, products, and helpful styling tools like the one Diamond Professional Hair Styler from Irresistible Me that I have been using and loving, we have the option of wearing slick-straight hair, full waves or a return to a mass of curls, if so desired.

Diamond Professional Hair Styler from Irresistible Me
Diamond Professional Hair Styler by Irresistible Me

What makes Irresistible Me’s flat iron worthy of your attention is simple.  It’s lightweight for one, heats up very quickly, won’t burn your fingertips when styling due to its cool tips, has a swivel cord for easier maneuvering, a wide range of temperatures, and then there’s the technology.  It has floating ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline for giving hair extra shine and benefitting from the heat from its negative ions. This enables it to seal in moisture while solving the problem of frizz.  I also liked how it automatically shuts down in 30 minutes in case you forgot you had it still plugged in.

Irresistible Me's Diamond Professional Hair Styler in Box
Irresisible Me’s Diamond Professional Hair Styler  in the box

The Diamond Professional Hair Styler can give anyone the versatility they are looking for without the hassle they can come with other flats irons.  Some flat irons retail for a lot more than this one at $135.20 plus some can feel as heavy as bricks after a while of holding them unlike this one. 

Though as much as I love how it irons out my curls and waves, I thought it did a nice job of creating more volume in the loose curls I later styled in.  Now how can you not appreciate that type of result from a flat iron?

Irresistible Me's Diamond Professional Hair Styler
Irresistible Me’s Diamond Professional Hair Styler

Take it from me, do check Irresistible Me and take a look at the Diamond Professional Hair Styler because it a very nice styling tool to get you beautiful for Valentine’s Day!

*Disclaimer: Free product was provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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