How to Create the Most Flattering Eyebrows for YOU!

How to Create the Most Flattering Eyebrows for YOU!
Your facial structure matters when deciding the best shape for your eyebrows.


I like to think of eyebrows as the frame that sets off your features.  Just like a lop-sided painting, if your brows are unruly, they tend to also unbalance the picture that makes up your face. Therefore, I want to show you how to artistically design the perfect brow for your specific facial shape for how to create the most flattering eyebrows ever.

Through the years, eyebrow trends went from thin to thick with different arches. The style for 2015 is thicker and fuller brows that are slightly arched.  Despite styles, medium full brows with a tapered end and soft arch are the classic ones you can count on since they have remained popular. Nonetheless, you can take your beauty further.  You can do this by customizing the brows arches according to the shape of your face.

First, you need to take into consideration your features themselves.  For example, small, dainty features can take more thinness in the shape than prominent features.

For instance, if you have a round face do aim for a stronger eyebrow with both a longer line and a higher arch, tapering them off with a bit of a downward slope.  This choice of a heavier brow is better for how it distracts from the fullness in this type of face compared to a skinner brow that will zoom in on that roundness.  The height could add some appealing angles for more balance.

Long faces should try slightly shorter eyebrows by plucking just a few hairs from the outer ends.  Also, keep with a soft arch and taper.  Shaping this way will help give your face more needed width.  The importance thing to remember is the higher the arch, the more you are elongating your face.

Heart-shaped faces are best sticking with the classic type of natural brow only with slightly more of an arch to it.  Avoid too thick of a brow because it will only overpower your features.  Also, do aim toward the spot in the brow directly above the middle of your iris to begin the arch.  This technique will give your brows a bit more length.

Square-shaped faces should concentrate on softening the angular edges of the face. A strong jaw calls for fuller eyebrows since the thickness can help direct attention from downward at your chin to upward at the eyes.  Start plucking the arch in the brow at the spot at the far corner of the iris and tapering it at the end to make it shorter and uplifted. Avoid making the brow dip down at the end because it will yank your eyebrows down.

For those that went overboard with the tweezers and plucked too much, you need to let your brows grow. Try filling them in with an eyebrow powder, pencil or cream to get you through this time.

To help stimulate your brows to grow, you might want to try applying some castor oil to your eyebrows and even your lashes before you go to bed.  Another helpful thing to try is rubbing on some vitamin E oil or coconut oil at night.

Take care and stay beautiful until next time!  Hopefully, you will find these tips on how to create the most flattering eyebrows made all the difference to perfecting your look.



  1. Anonymous
    February 12, 2015 / 2:21 pm

    Thank you for the helpful tips,also the awesome tip for night time.

  2. Leah Meray
    February 12, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    Thanks for the tips! Eyebrows are so important because they give your face structure.

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