How to Store Delicate Necklaces Without Tangling the Chains for Easy Retrieval!

Cate & Chloe Layla Beauty Pendant.jpeg
Cate & Chloe Layla Beauty Pendant

Here’s a great tip for organizing your jewelry and keeping the most frail chains of your necklaces safe. Instead of buying a fancy jewelry organizer, I can show you an inexpensive trick that requires only an investment toward a package of plastic straws.

This is what you do when you bring those straws home. Start by cutting a straw in half.  Take one side of the straw, thread the chain of one of those delicate necklaces through it, and fasten.  Repeat this process for each of your necklaces in need of protection.

You will see how nicely this trick works for the storage and quick jewelry retrieval in your current jewelry box without spending very much to do it.  In fact, you probably have those straws at home already.

I hope you try this because it works like a charm!  


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