Hair Spray Tips to Work Hairstyling Magic

Hair spray has many helpful uses.


Some women are turned off at the thought of hair spray because it can be sticky or leave hair hard and rigid like you’re wearing a helmet.  While this may be true, depending on the formulas and brands you use, hair spray can also do so much more for your beauty than you might expect with these hair spray tips that can help you achieve some hairstyling magic.

Besides just hold your style in place, there are brands that will add a shine while others can give your hair glimmering sparkle.  Some others can help you with the illusion of creating thicker hair with more volume. Hair spray can also  be an excellent aid to exciting, new styles as well.

Let me show you a few examples of what is possible.

Doing beachy waves is easy.  Just braid your damp hair, then spray.  Keep the hair in place for about five to ten minutes before undoing the braid.  Once the hair falls, you will be rewarded with those sexy, loose curls.

Say you want to get the most volume.  Of course, you can buy a volumizing formula.  You also can try this trick as well.  All you do to pull off this feat involves spritzing some on your fingers instead of your hair first.  If odd sounding, hang in there because you will need to flip your head over next and use your sprayed fingers to massage the roots.  This will help lift and give you fuller looking hair.

Maybe you are interested in trying a gorgeous topknot, but have been having a bit of difficulty in doing so. The best way to go about it is by gathering your hair into a high ponytail.  Now try twisting like you usually do, but spray as you work at it. Make sure to lock that hair in place with clips or pins.

One surefire way to bombshell your blowout is waiting until your hair is nearly dry (about 85 percent or so), then flipping your hair over before taking ample hair spray and heat to it for a few seconds.

You can also use hair spray to help control flyaways.  It’s as simple as spritzing your fingers with some, then smoothing over those spots with the misbehaving hairs.  However, my favorite method to control that hair problem is using a little hand lotion in the palm of my hand to go over those spots.

If chemical formulas are not for you, then try my homemade lemon formula spray.

Anyone that has some special tips for using hair spray, please share here.  After all, we girls got to stick together!



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