New Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review

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Dial’s new Miracle Oil Body Wash with marula oil!

I love being a Purex Insider because it gives me the chance to discover a lot of products that I might have overlooked like Dial’s Miracle Oil Body Wash that I got to try.  You may think what’s so special about another new body wash that could be so exciting?

Well, I used to have a problem with a section of skin on the back of my arms, near my elbows that despite lotions and creams still would be hard to get rid of.  The creams and lotions would smooth and soften, but only for so long.  

Then the box from Purex arrived with this new Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash for me to review.  I thought it had a beautiful floral smell, rich lather, but I didn’t realize how one infused with marula oil could help my dry elbow problem as it did.  I used it and noticed less flaking, but I was skeptical until using it more often.  

In case you are unaware, marula oil comes from Africa and is derived from a nut that contains a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants, which can explain why it lubricates as it does.  

My rough elbow area continued to improve daily and stayed smooth, which really surprised me for a grocery store body wash.  No joke, I think Dial’s Miracle Oil Body Wash is worth looking into for helping dry skin.

To learn more, visit Dial’s Facebook page and do check out their Miracle Oil Body Wash video while you’re there.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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