Save 50% On Vanity Planet’s Cor 3 Blood Pressure Monitor With My Coupon Code!

Disclaimer: This post is based on a free product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Vanity Planet's Cor 3 Home Blood Pressure Monitor
Vanity Planet’s Cor 3 Home Blood Pressure Monitor

In a previous post, I explained the value of keeping hearts healthy in my review of Vanity Planet’s Cor 3 home blood pressure monitor.   

Hardly the most romantic or typical type of Valentine’s Day gift you might expect, a home blood pressure monitor such as Vanity Planet’s Cor 3 ($99) is a sincere way to show that love. 

Thanks to Vanity Planet, Nuts 4 Stuff readers can save 50% off the price of that blood pressure monitor by entering coupon code BPCOR3 at checkout.

Read my Cor 3 review for all the details on how this monitor works.

*Disclaimer: Free product was provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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