ThirdLove Lingerie T-Shirt Bra and Mesh Boyshort Panty for Style and Perfect Fit! (Review)

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ThirdLove Lingerie

Lingerie can be tricky to buy.  After all, bras and panties differ in sizing with each manufacturer.  If you’re like me and hate making a trip to the store and stripping down just to test the fit of underwear, you are going to love ThirdLove, an online lingerie boutique, and their system of helping you get the perfect fit.

There are two methods to get your ideal measurements.  You can do it the old-fashioned way of taking out the measuring tape from your sewing box and hope it was accurate. However, this company modernized the process with their free phone app that uses computer image recognition in effect to figure out your best bra size.  To find out more on the technology, ThirdLove has a video that explains how easy and more precisely you can be fitted.

When I was browsing through their selection and trying to decide among all their tempting styles from European-inspired lace, memory foam for your bust to the lovely wireless bra styles to their sexy panties, I noticed they cater to both the full-figured to the lesser endowed woman and even to those in between with “half-sizes.”  With all that going for ThirdLove, I had my work cut out for me in my attempt to pick out a bra and panty for this review.  

ThirdLove 24/7 T-shirt bra with pleated straps.jpeg
Here is my new ThirdLove T-shirt Bra with Pleasted Straps.

The first item I choose was the 24/7 T-shirt Bra with the Pleated  Straps ($64) in the nude color.  This one has memory foam cups with soft micro jersey fabric for how it can provide that desired smooth silhouette.  It also has an under wire, which I neglected to pay attention to when I ordered, which is surprisingly comfortable and did not bite into the rib cage as some under wires can.   Seriously, I was shocked at how right on the fit was without trying the bra on first.  By the way, none of ThirdLove’s bras state a size if you are looking for one.

As to the panty, I picked up a  sexy number with their Mesh Boyshort  ($10) in naked.  Before I placed my order, I was advised by one of their helpful customer service representatives to go with the next larger size since this almost see through beige panty runs small.  Her wonderful forethought saved me from getting the wrong fit.

ThirdLove Mesh Boyshort Panty.jpeg
Look at how beautifully sheer the fabric of my new ThirdLove Mesh Boyshort is.

After this hassle-free shopping experience, I know that I definitely intend on putting this company to the test again to test if this perfect sizing was a fluke or will repeat itself in another style or two.  

If you too are fed up wasting your time in dressing rooms, I think you owe it to yourself to give ThirdLove a try.  Trust me, but I am confident you will love them!

*Disclaimer: Free product was provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.* 


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