A Helpful Beauty Tip for Hiding Laugh Lines

An Easier Way to Hide Laugh Lines


Unless you have plastic surgery or some filler like botox injected into those bothersome lines, you won’t be able to completely make those creases disappear from your face.  But with the right product and technique, you will lessen the look of them significantly and look younger!  This helpful beauty tip for hiding laugh lines is one that you definitely will want to keep in mind maybe not now but for the future.

What works miracles camouflaging age on the face is highlighting products, especially a highlight pen for this particular area.  Since light can bring those recessed areas forward on the face, this highlighter is ideal, being lightweight enough to smooth over the creases for the most even application.

Before you lay down the highlight on those lines, you start with your foundation first.  Once that step is taken care of to your satisfaction, you run the highlighting pen from end to end of the crease, from nose to mouth. The important rule to remember is to place that pen just inside the dark part or shadow of the crease.

After the highlight is laid down in that shadow portion of those creases, you will take your finger and gently pat along the area to blend in to finish that application.

Mastering this beauty tip for hiding laugh lines with a highlighting makeup pen will make you see yourself in a brand new and more youthful light!

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