A Surprising New Use for Hair Conditioner That Comes in Handy That You Will Love!

Don’t you hate when you are about to shave your legs only to find out that you ran out of shave gel?  Instead of beating yourself up about it because you forgot to pick one up when the can was running low, I have a great save to help save your legs through shaving until you get to the store.

By all means, do try substituting your regular hair conditioner to shave with.  Measure out a little in the palm and spread it over the area.  Believe it or not, the hair conditioner will allow your shaver to glide over your leg and soften your skin at the same time.

Guys that run out of their shave gel or cream also may want to try this hair conditioner trick as well.  I honestly don’t know how it will work on your face but I think it has to be kinder that foaming up to shave with soap.  In all likelihood, the hair conditioner will smooth your skin instead of drying it out like a soap can for the time it takes to shave.

No joke, this tip works beautifully and quite better than I ever expected.  Try the regular hair conditioner next time for that shave and you’ll know that I was right.

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Schick Hydro Silk Razor


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