Problems With Greasy Hair After Shine Serums?

Problems With Greasy Hair After Shine Serums Girl
When you discover the right amount and correct your technique when using shine serums, you’ll have better luck with the feel of your hair.


You may not think it matters how you apply shine serum to hair, but it can mean the difference between a glossy mane and greasy hair after shine serums.  So if you kept blaming products for causing this problem, then chances are it’s more technique and the amount of serum that is unevenly distributed and lands mostly in one spot over other places that is the real culprit.

Instead of pouring some shine serum into the palm of your hand and rubbing the product across the top of your head, you got to change your ways because this is how a greasy head happens.  This is why your hair will look dirty and greasy by the second day.

To prevent this problem of greasy hair after shine serums and really get the maximum benefit from these styling products, try pouring some shine serum in the palm of your hand like before, only be sure to rub your palms together first. Doing so, makes sure the serum is spread out more evenly.  Afterwards, apply it from the midshaft to the ends in those places that you need it most for the best results.

You might find it more helpful to work with two-inch sections on each side of your head.  Beginning at the bottom of a section, try swiping a section at a time with some of that serum on top as well as under that gathered portion of hair, holding each section lightly as you go between your palms.   This change of technique also helps prevent greasy hair after shine serums.

Be gentle with how you maintain that hold.  If you grip that section too hard, you will run out of that already prepared serum that you will need to do the rest of your hair.  You also might end up with overloading that section of your hair with too much serum.

Try this little hair trick and you’ll never have that same problem of greasy hair after shine serums again!



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