Discover Color-Treated Hair That Looks Like Virgin Hair With Keracolor Clenditioner and Purify Plus Leave-in ConditioningTreatment (Review)!

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Keracolor Purify Plus Leave-in Conditioning Treatment and Clenditioner

Anyone that is looking for noticeably softer, silkier, and overall healthier hair needs to read this review because I am the proud owner of a beautiful mane thanks to two new products from a company called Keracolor.  With all the hair products on the market, I am thrilled I had the chance to try their Clenditioner and Purify Plus Leave-in ConditioningTreatment after they reached out with an invitation to review their products.   

I had my hair freshly colored about two weeks ago.  Anyone that colors their hair knows how vibrant and softer the hair becomes afterwards.  I had thought what I was seeing in the mirror was as pretty as it can be. Then I tried the Keracolor Clenditioner, which is a conditioning cleanser, specifically designed for color-treated hair.  This product deeply cleans and conditions the hair without stripping the color while targeting minerals from soaps likes sulfates and chlorine to other deposits left behind from the water that may remain in your hair and neutralizes them.  

Unlike regular shampoo, the Clenditioner ($20) that arrived for my hair type, will not produce foamy lather but a creamy, pleasant-smelling wash with sort of a fruity-floral aroma.  I used a few pumps, probably more than I actually needed before I discovered it would not foam.  The next time I will use less of the Clenditioner now that I know what to expect.

I left the Clenditioner on for about two minutes, but the directions state a minute, before rinsing and following with the Purify Plus Leave-in Conditioning Treatment ($20).  I gave my hair about three sprays before taking my hair dryer and partially drying before applying my styling products.

When I finished blow-drying my hair, I was really stunned at how unbelievably soft but beautifully manageable my hair was.  At the same time, it glistened more than ever and picked up some sensational highlights.  If ever my hair looked younger, these products were responsible for turning back the clock to the time of healthy, pre-colored hair.

I tried lots of hair conditioners, which increased manageability and shine to reverse damage.  However, I never experienced one that had so much impact to make the hair so much healthier looking that what’s on your head looks and feels the way it did when you were younger.  

Everyone should try Keracolor Clenditioner and Purify Plus Leave-in Conditioning Treatment and remove all the accumulated deposits of minerals and chlorine from your hair because what follows afterwards will thrill you beyond words!


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