Lady Gaga’s Eau de Gaga 001 Perfume Review


Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga 001 perfume
Lady Gaga’s Eau de Gaga 001 Perfume


With a celebrity like pop singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga, you never know what to expect when she comes on stage.  The same is true with the release of her second unisex woody-floral fragrance, Eau de Gaga 001, that was done in collaboration with Coty Beauty and her Haus Laboratories with perfumer, Ursula Wandel.

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Trying to find the right words to describe this Eau de Gaga 001  is difficult because of the way this one develops.  This scent has an explosive citrus start from opening notes of lime and bergamot that come off strong and forceful with a masculine edge.  You don’t know exactly where this fragrance is taking you until it warms further.

It is in the heart with notes of white violet that there is a subtle blending of floral sweetness that gives wonderful contrast to that harsh electrifying lime.  At this point, the combination of notes becomes more feminine with a fresher sweet vibe to it.

As it dries down in the base, Eau de Gaga 001 changes yet again as the leather notes kick, making it more unisex with a raw sexy appeal that might pleasantly surprise your senses.

I don’t think this fragrance will be for everyone, but I did like Eau de Gaga 001 for how different it was. Do give this fragrance a chance to see how it develops with your body’s own chemistry before you rule it out. Otherwise, you just might miss something that could help single you out from the crowd.




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