Some Steps to Get Your Most Beautiful Lips Ever!

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Here I have on Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick Cherry Blossom 28

We may be born with big, small or a crooked set of lips, but thanks to cosmetics we don’t have to allow it to distract from our overall beauty.  All that is needed are the right products for the task and a little makeup know-how to turn what you may consider your worst feature into possibly an outstanding one.

Usually, we rush in with our lip products without thinking.  However, it is important to know what your mouth looks like when it is closed and relaxed first before you fill in any color.  If you do this, you will have a better eye of where to use your lip pencil and later apply the color to your best advantage.  

You may want to start priming lips first only with a bit of  foundation.  What this does is give your lips a blank canvas to work with to better change the shape and get more exact color from that lipstick.   It also sets the lipstick just as your primer does only that you’ll be able to do more as far as artistry.

Using the same color of lip liner and lipstick, start tracing a path from the corner of the mouth up to the middle with your lip pencil.  Be sure to gently round over that peak that makes up your cupid’s bow before repeating the same technique on the other side.  In a pinch, you can also use a nude lip pencil that is suited to your skin tone.

A great trick is to smile slightly and follow your natural lip line as you then fill in lipstick color on the lower lip. Stay within the lines here and make sure the color looks even on the top lip as well.  You can use a cotton swab or lip brush, but the lipstick needs to be equally balanced.

After this step, take a look at your mouth in the mirror again.  If your mouth is too small or, perhaps, you don’t have that much of an upper lip, then try leaning your lip liner just slightly on the outside edge of your natural lip line.

On the other hand, you might consider your lips too big or maybe you just have a more prominent lower lip that you can’t stand.  Now you don’t have to be so hard on yourself because there is a great trick for downsizing those lips that you’re going to love.  All you do is to take your lip liner and softly lean that pencil to the inside of your natural lip line.  

Another suggestion when trying to downplay or increase the size of lips is to rethink the choice of lip color. Light shades bring out the lips.  Dark colors do the opposite.  A better option may be to look for softer shades over extreme colors of either.

If you feel your mouth looks lopsided because you have a crooked lip, try using the same technique with the lip pencil only make a subtle adjustment to your line on the problem side.

Take care and remember some of the most celebrated beauties in the world took what others might view as a flaw and turned it into an advantage.  For example, take timeless beauty  Cindy Crawford and her mole, which became her beauty trademark.  What I’m trying to say is everyone has a flaw.  It is only a perception of how you see yourself to the world that changes how you are seen.


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