Fashion Advice for Projecting a Look of Wealth

Fashion Advice to Projecting a Look of Wealth Louis Vuitton

Regardless of the cost of any outfit, the most important rule to dressing like you already have arrived is the fit you choose.  Look for pieces that have more structure instead of being oversized and shapeless. Expensive looking clothes have better figure flattering lines and form even when displayed from a hanger. The point is the outfit needs to drape over your body perfectly like it was made exclusively for you instead of off the rack.  Try looking at pieces that have stretch to the fabric like heavier weight knitted fabrics or wool blends for an easier time with that goal.

Do avoid the sales rack and buying something marked down that is the wrong size because that decision may cost you more than you thought.  Oversized clothes can be taken in, but buying a too tight outfit is nearly impossible to salvage.  Therefore, unless you’re a talented seamstress and can do the alterations yourself, you will have to pay to adjust the item for an ideal fit.

Examine the workmanship of the item carefully.  Are all the seams finished?  Clothes with a pattern should line up properly instead of being mismatched.  Buttons are also crucial in this equation.  Replace the cheap plastic ones with classier materials such as a mother of pearl, bone or metal, which lend added elegance to the piece.

Strive to keep your outfit simple and streamlined.  For example, look for tailored jackets or long cardigans with detailed piping that will stay closer to your body for wearing with a slim-cut jean, pants, or sleek skirt. The combination will provide you with a more elegant line.

A smaller handbag, which has a sense of form, adds a certain polish to the outfit.  An oversized one that lacks structure can’t pull off that same sense of style!

Jewelry can make or break an outfit.  However, one statement piece per outfit can accomplish more than overloading.

You might have paid a lot for a new designer item such as a scarf, sunglasses, belt, or whatever, but resist the urge to load your outfit with several of those pieces just to flaunt the logo, especially the larger they are. This desperation to show off those logos cheapens your look.



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