A Dentist Recommended Solution for Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth!

angry dog showing teeth.jpeg
This guy doesn’t want that doggie toothpaste shoved in his mouth judging by his expression.  Why would he when he has a tastier option for cleaning? 

Yesterday it was time again to go to the dentist.  This time, however, it was nothing scary but a routine cleaning.  While I was there, I learned something from the dental hygienist that I thought you might be interested in learning.

The hygienist told me how my dentist regularly buys bagels for everyone at the office.  When there are leftover bagels, he takes them home and cuts them into small bite size pieces, wraps them up and freezes them for his dog.  Instead of giving his dog one of those commercial chew bones, he just reaches into the freezer and gives the animal a piece of frozen bagel.  This is what he says works better to clean his dog’s teeth than what he was buying for the same purpose.

The hygienist told me everyone at the practice that has a dog was supplied with bagels for their dog courtesy of my nice dentist.  In fact, she said those with dogs thought the frozen bagel method gave them cleaner looking teeth as well.

If you have a dog, I hope you try this sometime on your animal and let me know what you think.  


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