Eye Skin Care You Need Now to Prevent Damage

Eye Skin Care

Since our eyes are one of the first places others gravitate to, we need to take extra precautions on delaying that advancement of time as much as we can.  Otherwise, we could be making the eye aging problem much worse unless making a few simple eye skin care changes to properly care for that delicate area.

Considering how thin the skin of the eye area is at approximately 1/32 inch in thickness, you need to remember how easily that skin can be stretched.  Therefore, you need to minimize the amount of accumulative damage that results every time you tug or rub that area from how you apply eye cosmetics to allergies.

Instead, you might want to rethink your tube concealer and replace with a smoother liquid or cream.  Patting this product or any eye cream lightly in with your ringer finger will use less pressure than forcing a heavier formulation.

Allergies can come from practically anything, but if you suddenly developed symptoms that coincide with any new shampoo, conditioner, face cream, or eye cream, then try putting it aside for a few days to see if your condition improves.

Natural skin care creams and eye products may be missing complicated chemical ingredients but may use plant extracts that also may trigger allergies in sensitive individuals.  Keep this in mind.

Switching to a different product could be all you need to stop any eye irritation and keep your hands away. You can always try over the counter antihistamines to help with itching  and watery eyes from allergies as well.

Limiting that excess stretching of the skin is very important, but so is the type of eye cream you use. Instead of a heavy, rich formula of eye gel or eye cream that you may think will work more effectively for anti-aging, you should look for a lightweight lotion that won’t end up trapped under the eye.

Daily applications of these heavy eye creams are unable to break down and build up deposits.  Once set, those deposits can add to the look of bagging under the eyes. What you might not be aware of is that a majority of women wanting “eye lifts” or blepharoplasty operations result because of heavyweight eye creams over the years.


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