Review: IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Vitality Brightening Creme Disc and Airbrush Creme Brush

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IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Vitality Brightening Creme Disc.jpeg
IT Cosmetics CC+ Vitality Brightening Creme Disc 

I couldn’t imagine IT Cosmetics topping their Vitality Brightening Anti-Aging Face Disc when they developed a cream form with their CC+ Radiance Vitality Brightening Creme Disc, but I have to admit my new found obsession with this giant compact for delivering an even more natural, dewy look to my dry skin than you might expect from makeup.

Inside this compact that is enriched with anti-aging ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, acai, antioxidants, and green tea, to treat as well as color, is a gorgeous natural pink color correcting anti-aging creme blush, a creme matte bronzer in a light tan, and Hello Light Creme Illuminator.

IT Cosmetics Airbrush Creme Brush.jpeg
IT Cosmetics Airbrush Creme Brush has uniquely spaced hairs to its angled design that helps performance.

When you take the Airbrush Creme Brush to this compact, its design is made specifically to pick up not as much product than some of your other brushes so it can leave your face with more of an airbrushed finish.  I did have my foundation, concealer, mascara, shadow, and liner already on before I began.

What worked the best for me was starting with the creamy illuminator this time to keep the brush from building up too much color then following with the bronzer and blush. This saved me from getting any of the darker shades in areas that needed highlighting.  The effect was pure beaming light without any glitter or shimmer pouring onto the skin.

I followed Jamie Kern’s chart on the back of the box and applied in the middle of my forehead, the top of brows, the corners of eyes, under the eyes, the top of the cheekbones, the center of the nose, my cupid’s bow, and to the center of the chin. 

Usually I contour first when using my normal brushes, but I did my contouring next.  I do have a fair complexion with yellow undertones.  In the compact, this tan shade looked a bit dark but that brush caught just enough to warm up my skin not overpower it with too much of a tan color.  If you’re darker, you just may need to apply more but for my skin, I was happy with less than more.

As to the pink creme blush, it promises instant health with a shade of pink that is so flattering for practically all skin tones.  

The magic of this compact is how once everything is blended, it has the power to brighten and color the face with a realistic sort of healthy glow that is as close to natural beauty.  This product also can look fresh for many hours of wear without diminishing. Perhaps, those with oily complexions may have different results, but this is my experience as one with dry skin.

My advice is check IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Vitality Brightening Creme Disc and the Airbrush Creme Brush, especially if your skin is dry because this is something you got to try.  You can also find these products on Ulta and 


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