How to Handle Crow’s Feet Through Makeup


How to Handle Crow’s Feet Through Makeup
You can’t stop the aging process, but you can minimize crow’s feet with artful makeup application.


At the start of your early twenties, you don’t need to worry about the type of eye cosmetics you want to wear. Your only problem is trying to navigate through the endless stream of tempting products. Whether you crave metallic, shimmery washes, bold and bright colors to dark, matte and smoldering eye looks, it’s your option–-that is until a few more years when you look into the mirror again and start seeing those fine wrinkles starting to branch out from the corners called crow’s feet.  Keeping that problem in mind, here is how to handle crow’s feet through makeup that can give your aging eyes a beautiful, youthful lift.

To minimize the problem of crow’s feet, you need to soften and play with light.  The main goal is concentrating your brightening efforts in the center of your eyes and working more light away from your imperfections.

Start by priming your lid, which is an important first step in how to handle crow’s feet through makeup. This will make for a smoother surface to keep your look fresh.

Then take out a liquid highlighter in a shade that works with your skin’s coloring and start patting some on that product on top of the crow’s feet as you blend outward.  What you are doing is redirecting that light away from those flaws and throwing the eye off track to create an illusion of a more even complexion.

Line your top lids next with pencil eyeliner but don’t lay down a thick, heavy line or take that line beyond the corner.  You want to keep your application light.

Look through your selection of matte eye shadows and aim for a pale neutral shade.  Color choice is also another tactic in how to handle crow’s feet through makeup.  Swipe that palest gray or palest beige-brown shadow over your entire lid and then finish with your mascara.

What pulls everything together is what you are going to be applying next.  Hunt through your eye shadows again and pull out the shimmery shades.  Look for something like a pale champagne, pink, or gold for darker complexions for over that matte shadow.  Patting just some of that shimmery shade on the center of your lid and subtly blending it there is the secret to give your eyes an instant lift!


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