Review: Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit Healthy Fragrance Burns With Passion!

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Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit Healthy Fragrance

How Lavanila manages to turn out one beautiful vanilla based natural fragrance after the next that is as unique and precious as a snowflake is quite the achievement, if you ask me.   With Vanilla Passion Fruit, I was once again in awe of their talent with this cozy, fruity gourmand fragrance that you don’t seem to ever get enough of.

With top notes of vanilla and passion fruit, this fragrance opens with a delectable amount of sweetness  that catches your attention.  

Before long, this fragrance becomes juicier as it warms in the heart with notes of guava and peach nectar. Those fruits manage to squeeze those elements of gourmand sweetness so that it is not overly sweet but fresher, shaking up this tropical mix enough that the lurking blue lotus flower blooms, releasing a spicy floral sweetness that is almost narcotic in how it drugs you. 

As this fragrance begins to dry down, it takes on more an aromatic, herbal quality with clary sage and, juniper berries to that intoxicating fruity fragrance.  You can’t resist that mysterious, practically forbidden allure that you want to lose yourself in especially once those base notes of warm sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla emerge, leaving you longing desperately to be closer to its haunting warmth.

Just as enticing as this exquisite scent is the fact there are no likely ingredients that cause health concerns in any of their products.  You’ll never find any parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicones, propylene glycol, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, sulfates or aluminum in Lavanila products, which gives me piece of mind.  

If you want something subtle, but burning with an underlying passion and heat, then  I urge you to try Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit Healthy Fragrance ($58) because it can be just what you need to walk on the wild side of paradise.

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*


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