DIY Complexion Revival Facial Mask

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My DIY Complexion Revival Mask uses honey.  It has amazing properties when it comes to skin.


This facial mask is one I use monthly for a thorough deep cleaning to unclog what still may remain trapped in my pores from makeup and products as well as providing a healthy renewal to the complexion with all the protein, a storehouse of B vitamins, and minerals from brewer’s yeast and plain yogurt. At the same time, it heals and gently moisturizes the skin in a beautiful way from honey.  It will not take your wrinkles away, but it does brighten and give the face somewhat of a lift.

As you know, I have shared my other homemade skin care recipes with you because I believe firmly in the power of natural ingredients when it comes to seeing complexion results.  This is another recipe that is simple but quite effective for improving the look of your skin.  I do hope you try it because it does not disappoint!

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DIY Complexion Revival Facial Mask


1-1/2 teaspoons of powdered brewer’s yeast
1 tablespoon of plain yogurt
½ teaspoon of honey

Mix the three ingredients together and apply to your clean face and neck.

You will want to go stretch out and get comfortable on your bed because you want to keep this mask on for about 25-30 minutes.  After all, you deserve a break and some “me” time to energize.

When the time is up, rinse the mask off with tepid and then cool water before drying.

This mask will not only make your face bloom with new vitality but also make you smile because your skin will look amazing.



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