The Most Flattering Nail Look for Aging Hands

The Best Nail Look for Aging Hands
This is my attempt at the “squoval” shape.


No one likes to think about aging, but it does happen to all of us sooner or later.  Not only do we have different facial concerns, but also the condition of our nails and their health can change.  They may tend toward weakness, peeling, gain ridges, and discolor to require a strengthening treatment.  If this describes you, then you might be better off trying to work around the issue to best suit your needs instead of trying to follow the pack.  Here is how to get the best nail look for aging hands. The outcome may pleasantly surprise you with how much younger your hands may look.

Instead of the square-shaped nail, I suggest altering it into a “squoval” shape.  By this, I mean that shape is not entirely square or purely oval but in between.  The look is more classic and chic.  This slight change in altering the shape is more flattering for older hands.

Another recommendation is rethinking the length of your nails in order to get the best nail look for aging hands.  You may have kept them long just a few years earlier, but you should consider adapting to a shorter length beyond your fingertips.  This will further help protect them from breaking but also give your nails a timeless, graceful look.

Just as important to maturing hands is the color you paint your nails.  Though wild, shocking colors of nail polish can be fun, you might want to save those shades for your toes and switch to pale, sheerer shades such as light pink or beige.  The reason is light colors seem to lengthen the look of the nail compared to bright shades that can make the nails appear shorter.



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