The Secret of Better Controlling Naturally, Curly Hair

Curly Hair back of head.jpeg
Forget the frizz and replace it with beautiful, tamed curls!

Anyone born with curls or waves knows it comes with a price–-called unruliness and frizz.  In order to keep the hair shiny and manageable a daily leave-in product specially formulated for naturally curly hair is a must. However, if you have been using this product without much success, then you have been making your selection the wrong way.

Instead, look for one specifically meant for your hair’s thickness, texture, and curl type when you are about to make a new purchase for a daily leave-in product.

The results of the various formulations can be amazing once you have the right product.  For example, fine and soft, silky hair does best with a leave-in serum over a heavier gel or cream product.  The serum will seal the cuticle and strengthen the curls with more beauty without weighing it down.

On the other hand, thick or coarser textures need a heavier duty leave-in product like that gels and creams to adequately tame this hair type of frizz.


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