Why Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum Along With Some Tips Can Help You Delay Aging!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for Kleem Organics.  

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Aging is a natural part of living.  Some of us will be luckier than others in how slowly that process happens due to numerous genetic factors.  Equally important, how quickly or slowly we age also comes from our own individual responses to the detrimental effects brought on by the environment such as sunlight, pollution, and harsh weather, which cause cells to break down. However, how long we can keep the elasticity, resilience, and luster in our skin depends on taking certain precautions.

Avoid smoking because it destroys youthful skin by constricting small blood vessels and the supply of nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to the skin.  Over time, the damage destroys collagen causing a loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles.  Did you know that plastic surgeons won’t perform face-lifts on smokers? The reason is because there might not be enough blood in the area to keep the skin alive.

Try to constantly avoid yo-yo dieting techniques if you want to preserve youthful skin.  When you gain weight quickly and then lose it just as fast, you are stretching the skin and making it sag.  Repeat this too often and your skin’s elasticity won’t return.  Instead, the skin will lose its youthful structure.  Lose weight gradually until you reach a sensible weight for your frame and then do your best to maintain it.

What you put into your body is just as crucial because what you feed it shows up on the outside.  Aim for a diet that has plenty of antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables, especially ones that are green and leafy, rich in omega-3 fatty acids from whole grains, halibut, salmon, eggs, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, walnuts, and legumes for example in place of an overly rich, fatty diet.  

Drinking more water can also help. The recommended amount is eight glasses a day.  Experts vary though on whether coffee, tea, and other liquids count toward that water goal.  My family doctor said no.  A kidney doctor that I talked said yes.  Just remember that excessive amounts of water or any liquid for that matter can work against you to overwork the kidneys to flush nutrients out enough to play with your sodium levels.

Be sensible when it comes to the sun because it is the primary reason collagen and elastic fibers of the skin break down.  Learn to cover up with a hat, sunglasses and always remember to  wear sunscreen when exposed to it.  

Another essential aid in keeping a youthful appearance revolves around the skin care products we choose. Just like our choices of healthy food, we need to nourish our complexions in the same way.  

Ingredients like vitamin C, a powerhouse antioxidant for collagen production and elastin as well as it being one that helps protect the skin from free radial damage, thickening and moisturizing to give it more plumpness is great to see on a product label.  

Vitamin E is another since it has the power to help with inflammation from sun exposure and UVB damage.  Since a vitamin E molecule is too large to pierce through the skin, the optimal delivery system is a combination of both vitamin C and E, especially effective if in the form of L-ascorbic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is another beneficial ingredient you should look for since it plays a major role in skin’s elasticity and its ability to hold water to keep the complexion hydrated.

Kleem Organics understands this delicate balance of the best natural and organic ingredients to keep age at bay.  Their answer was their Intense Rejuvenating Vitamin C Serum, a concentrated form of active bio-available vitamin C (20%), fortified with the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, tightening and moisture retention of witch hazel, with more collagen-boosting properties from arginine to repair and reverse the ravages of time and the sun.

I honestly believe in Kleem Organics and the difference regular use of their Vitamin C Serum makes for a prettier complexion.  It brightens and really does smooth the skin beautifully without worrying about an excessive price or suspect chemicals that also may be doing your body harm.  

Take it me, if you want amazing skin, then you need an amazing skin care product.  Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum is such a product.  This is  what you need to do the trick.  Find this anti-aging serum on Amazon.com. 

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for Kleem Organics.  A free product was also provided.


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