Baking Soda for Skin Exfoliation


baking soda for skin
This product can make a beautiful difference in how you exfoliate.


Believe it or not, an excellent and inexpensive way to gently exfoliate and deep clean  is probably in your pantry that you may not be aware of in the form of baking soda for skin. Another advantage of using it for this purpose is how it also can alter the skin’s pH levels to reduce excess oil and help fight off bacteria, especially if your complexion is prone to breakouts.

Something else to keep in mind concerns longwearing foundations and skin care products with silicone-based ingredients because if not properly removed, they can embed themselves so deeply into your pores even after cleansing.  Therefore, if you don’t want those ingredients to linger and eventually break down a bit of your own skin’s collagen, then you need to exfoliate weekly.  Using this inexpensive product can be convenient and kinder on your complexion than some commercial products.

Exfoliation is key to helping the skin renew itself.   Not only does it get rid of dead cells dulling your complexion, this process also is what can stimulate fresh skin cells to the surface.  Too harsh abrasives with granules that can mar the skin or overuse of strong chemical formulas can damage unlike the  texture of baking soda for skin to gently exfoliate.

Therefore, here is the way that I suggest to try this product to exfoliate.  Mix one half teaspoons of  it and one half teaspoons of a water-based cleanser as well as a little warm water together to clean your face with.

Facial peels are also very helpful when used with care.  Just remember, it is important not to let yourself get carried away and overdo.  After all,  too much of a good thing can backfire such as exfoliation even with a gentle ingredient like baking soda for skin can result in irritation, redness and sensitivity.



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