Discover Lilee Beauty and Lifestyle Subscription Box — May 2015 Box Review

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Lilee Box for May 2015, opened.jpeg
Take a first glimpse inside Lilee Box for May 2015.

Subscription box addicts, there is a new beauty and lifestyle subscription that you may not be aware of.  Let me introduce you to the Lilee Box that comes to you from the same company that puts out Beauty Box 5–Snap Brands.

What exactly makes up a Lilee Box?  Well, you can find anything from cosmetics, jewelry, hair and skin care, stationery, coffee or tea, scarves or gloves, home accents, fragrances, nail care or beauty tools.  All the products in each box are full-size and estimated with at least a $120 value.

Lilee Box for May 2015, unopened.jpeg
Look at how nicely packaged the Lilee Box is upon arrival.

This cost is $49 a month with free shipping in the United States or $189 for a four-month commitment or $499 by enrolling for a year.

Lilee Box for May 2015 out of the box.jpeg
Here is everything from  Lilee Box for May 2015 up close.

Now that you have a better understanding about Lilee, I want to show you the May 2015 box.  The theme is “brunch” with all the items you need to do it right girl-to-girl style!

Here are the Your Minerals Blush and Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow.jpeg
On the left is the Your Minerals Rose Hip Rouge Blush with the Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow on the right.

Lilee Box May 2015

1.  Lilee Invites (Set of four) ———————————————————-$10.00

2.  Texas Coffee Trade (Lilee Coffee 2.5 oz. Bag)——————————$6.99

3.  Knotty Floral Chain Bracelet/Hair Tie—————————————– $14.99

4.  Your Minerals Rose Hip Rouge Blush —————————————-$26.00

5.  Lilee Tea Towel———————————————————————-$22.99

6.  Rachel’s Plan Bee Facial Oil (1 oz.)——————————————–$20.00

7.  Perk Naturals Coffee First Body Scrub (7 oz.)——————————-$19.63

8.  The Perth Soap Co. Sparkling Champagne Cleansing Bar (6 oz.)——$10.00

9.  Lilee Champagne Stopper———————————————————$15.99

10. Bonus Gift (Marsk Mineral Vanilla Frosting Eye Shadow)—————–$22.50

11.  Bonus Gift (Love Life Skin’s Hand & Body Cream (1 oz.)—————- $5.00

Total Value:    $174.09

The Lilee Invites features four cards with coordinated pink envelopes.

The bag of Lilee Coffee is Lilee’s Brunch Blend in Medium/Dark.  You have enough ground coffee to brew one half gallon.  I had some for breakfast and it was delicious.

The Knotty Floral Chain Bracelet that can be used also as a hair tie is a yellow floral ribbon with a small brass colored section of chain with a Knotty symbol dangling from it.  This is not my style, but it is lovely if you go into that sort of thing.

The Your Minerals Rose Hip Rouge Blush is a nice pink shade that is fresh looking and quite natural when applied.  It gave my cheeks a healthy glow to them.

The Lilee Tea Towel has a cocktail recipe printed on it.

I didn’t try the Perk’s Natural Coffee Body Scrub yet, but coffee as an ingredient in this type of product does help in the war against cellulite.  This looks like a wonderful body care aid yet to discover.

The Rachel’s Plan Bee Facial Oil is for normal to dry skin.  It has vitamin E, olive squalane, apricot kernel and cranberry seed oils among other plant-based ingredients.  This also looks like a product that I am going to love using once I finish with my current skin care testing.

The Perth Soap Co.’s Sparkling Champagne Cleansing Bar has an incredible fragrance that greeted me as soon as I opened this box.  It also has argan oil to make it extra moisturizing.

I have used the Marsk Vanilla Frosting Mineral Eye Shadow before after finding it in a Beauty Box 5.  I liked getting another one because it always comes in handy for highlighting.

The Love Life Skin Moisture Reservoir Hand & Body Cream comes sealed.  This is a rich formula that is fragrance, paraben, and sulfate free.  I did like how this stuff handled dryness on my hands.

The Lilee Champagne Stopper will go into a drawer for now.  It will come in handy for special occasions.  

Overall, I did think it was an impeccably packaged box that made a beautiful presentation from the design of the outside of box, the bow to how it was gift-wrapped with a black tissue and gold seal.  Though the products were very nice, I do think some of the products were overestimated in value for their worth like $22.99 for a tea towel? Nonetheless, Lilee is still a great box that you should check out.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided solely to facilitate this review.*


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