How to Tame Unruly Brows With Two Simple Fixes


How to Tame Unruly Brows
Beautiful, tamed brows 



For unruly brows, your first inclination is to turn to brow gels.  However, you might want to try two simple beauty fixes that can also do a wonderful job to tame unruly brows.  In fact, you just may be surprised at how much better these methods work to control those wild, wayward hairs.

Get a toothbrush or you save an old mascara wand that you thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before lightly spraying with hair spray.  Brush over your brows and you will regain control.

Another great substitute for brow gels is applying a little hair gel to keep them in place.  Combing this through with your toothbrush or old mascara wand works nicely for more even distribution, but you also dab some hair gel on with finger and spread.

I hope you try both of these tricks to tame unruly brows because they can save the day to keep your brows well groomed when you run out of brow gel!

Something else that you may find helpful is my post on why you should be conditioning your brows.  Unlike the high value we place on our lashes, but our brows can often be too easily neglected, which can cause problems.


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