More Beauty Secrets to Keep Your Face From Revealing Your Real Age


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You will be smiling too once you also know these beauty secrets to keep that face as youthful as possible!


Despite all the best skin care, diet, and cosmetics, there will come a day when every face starts to show those ego destroying effects of time.  Instead of just settling for what you see in the mirror because you think that your face is beyond help when it comes to looking younger, then think again!  All that may be required is learning to adapt hair and makeup to work for your aging face–not call attention to lines and wrinkles.  With that purpose in mind, here are some more beauty secrets that can do all it takes to help you accomplish that goal.

One of the most important things to remember besides drinking six glasses of water is using an anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream since they help plump up the skin, including those lines and wrinkles for a smoother canvas.  Dehydrated skin is only an invitation for makeup to settle into those problems that you want to hide.  An eye cream will also prevent less stretching of that delicate skin to save you from deepening those fine creases.

If you are noticing more puffiness around the eyes these days, you should get into the habit of drinking this natural beauty tonic before breakfast.  Squeeze a section of fresh lemon a few times into a cup of water before eating or drinking anything.  You can use tap water, cold water or warm to add the lemon too, but do drink this every day.  What this does is to flush out the toxins and salt in your system from the night before while restoring your body’s proper pH.  This home remedy is quite popular in the Orient.  Once you try it, I guarantee that you will be pleased.

On the subject of eyes, another helpful recommendation is skipping mascara on your bottom lashes.  You also want to lighten up on dark liner on your bottom to ring your eyes with.  Why call unneeded attention to that crepey skin?  Concentrate on drawing the eye upward instead.

Bangs can be a lifesaver for a wrinkle-plagued forehead.  Whether you choose soft, wispy layers or a thick fringe, they hide an aging problem.  At the same time, they can accent your features.

For additional makeup tips on how to look younger or saving yourself from hair mistakes that age. I hope you read the links because they do help. Learn how to subtract years using a blush.  Discover how to keep foundation fresh with settling into those wrinkles.


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