Milk of Magnesia for Skin and Excess Oil

Milk of Magnesia for Skin and Excess Oil
She was in a hurry to improve her skin by applying too much and entirely too close to her eyes.  

Though my skin is dry now, there was a time when it was on the oily side.  Usually, summer weather only made this skin problem worse, especially when it came to my T-zone and breakouts.  However, I am going to share something that used to work for me in getting rid of excess oil and help normalize my skin:  Milk of Magnesia.

Don’t worry.  You will not have to swallow any, only use about a teaspoon of the unflavored variety as a facial mask.  This amount should be sufficient for an area, but you can pour on more if you want to cover most of the face.

You’re probably wondering how could a stomach product like Milk of Magnesia have anything to do with the skin.  The reason this stomach product works so well on oily skin is because it has an active ingredient, Magnesium Hydroxide, that soaks up stomach acid in the same way to control the shine.

Though as wonderfully as Milk of Magnesium works in correcting excess oil, this DIY solution is not meant for regular use to deal your acne or an oily skin condition.  Since it does have a high PH level, which is not the optimal thing for skin, it is best to only use occasionally when needed.

Wash and dry your face first.  Then apply with a cotton ball over your complexion, avoiding the eye area, and allow to dry thoroughly.  If you just have a few pimples that you want to target, I used to zap them with a cotton swab that I dipped in the Milk of Magnesia first.  Later, rinse it off with cool water and dry.

Remember, only do this treatment OCCASIONALLY.  Long-term use of any product with a high PH level is not good for the skin.


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