A Sure Bet to Brighten Up Your Complexion–NEW Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel (Review)

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Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel

With all the cosmetics we subject our skin to, I have always made it a point to exfoliate occasionally with a facial peel to help save my complexion from dullness of what may still be lingering in my pores.  

As I shared with you earlier, I had a bad experience with a facial peel that left me with a small scar a while back.  Some products that I tried helped somewhat, but I am still trying to gently buff it away. When I heard that Korres had a new two-step brightening and resurfacing system with this Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel, I was more than curious as you can imagine.

What you have in this System with Step One is the Wild Rose Activating Peel Gel.  When I tried it for the first time on Sunday afternoon, I pumped a bit of that gel out and applied to my freshly washed face before allowing it to dry.  I am now more than cautious of any facial peels and kept checking my face in the mirror for any signs of red, but this was gentle and did not give my sensitive complexion any signs of pink or discomfort.  

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Take a look at  Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel and both the products involved in both steps. 

After it dried was when I took out the Step Two with their Wild Rose Brightening and Resurfacing Peel Mask. This is a pink, rose-scented cream that you layer over top the Step 1 of the Peel Gel and keep on from three to 10 minutes.  

Standing in front of my mirror with handy view of my clock, I checked both my face and time after three minutes.  When both looked fine, I gave the product longer and kept doing that until the maximum time of ten minutes had passed without any problems.

After I rinsed the mask away, I can’t say it helped with that  remaining bit of that small scar, but it was wonderful for what else it did for my complexion.  It really did brighten and tone the pores remarkably well to bring about an incredible peachy glow without any signs of red to my fair to light olive complexion.

Since the box suggests you can use it twice in one week, I thought it was gentle enough and tried it again this morning.  This time I gave myself a slightly thicker coat instead of the more timid way that I started out during my first time using the product.

What I can tell is that this stuff may not radically change the surface of your complexion, but it definitely improves radiance, smoothness, and manages to shrink visible pores in a beautiful way without harshness.  

Find the Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel ($64) at Korres.  Check it out because I know that you’ll love this.
*Disclaimer: Free product was provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.*  


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