Blush Mistakes That Age Instead of Enhance Beauty

Blush Blunders That Age Instead of Enhance Beauty
 Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – OpenClipart-Vectors

Blush is one cosmetic that can make you look healthier, more rested, and even younger looking to work almost magical results for any face, especially for an aging one. If used improperly, this same beauty essential could also work against you.  To avoid falling into that trap, there are some common things that you need to avoid those blush mistakes that age a face.

Make sure you are not applying your blusher in the wrong place too low on your cheeks because this area is meant for contouring only.  Wrongly placing color here piles on the age with how it can artificially drag the face down.  Instead, try moving your blush higher up on the cheekbones.

Another of these blush mistakes  centers around those apples of your cheeks.  Be careful of concentrating too heavily on those “apples” by swirling enough blush to mimic a doll-like appearance. An easy way to lighten up from too heavy of an application is trading your blusher brush for a fatter powder brush.  Since those are fatter with lots more hairs, powder brushes will pick up less pigment and blend the color more easily.

Do not let the blush color wander too close to your nose. What you end up doing by depositing color there is creating the look of reddened nostrils as if you’re stuffed up or suffering from a cold or allergies. Looking ill is far from beautiful.

Too dark or too blue tones of a blush also can prematurely age a face.  Strive for soft, sheer shades of color that can freshen up the face.

Regardless of your age, blush streaks are never attractive.  You will be less likely to have this happen if you give your moisturizer and foundation sufficient time to set before sweeping on your powder blush. Applying powder when the surface of your face is still moist is why the blush cakes and streaks.

Hopefully, you are not doing any of those blush mistakes that age.  But now that you are in the “know,” you can feel more confident about your ever youthful beauty!


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