Fantastic Curly Hair Tips Straight From the Salon!

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Recently, I had to find a new stylist since the one that I loved was leaving to move out of state now that her husband was transferred.  As you can imagine, I was heartbroken by the news because she understood the issues that I have with my hair and always cut it beautifully so the style was gorgeous and easy to do at home.  Now, my head  and curls were in new hands and sitting in that chair was once again traumatic.  However, I was glad that I met him because he also taught me some fantastic curly hair tips that day at the salon that I want to pass along to you as well.

As I explained what I wanted to this new stylist, I kept watching his expression change as he examined my hair style.  “What do you think of letting me add a little more layering to bring out more curls?” he asked.  “I promise it will be good.”

For some strange reason, I trusted him.  Maybe it was the confidence on his face or the woman before they walked away from his chair that prompted me to take a chance and allowed him a free reign to cut as he pleased.

As he started cutting, he asked what type of hair spray I used.  I told him about a variety of hair sprays with firm to flexible hold.

I saw him nod in the mirror.  “With the curl in your hair, you should try a volumizing spray instead of hair spray to finish the style.  Be sure to gently fluff the curls once you give it a light spray and you’ll get softer, gorgeous curls with more lift and lessen frizz.”

Another of the curly hair tips I learned at that salon visit was about the importance of misting my hair in the middle of the day when it begins to frizz with a foundation (conditioning) spray.  He explained how it helps return some much needed extra moisture to the hair, reviving the curl.  His recommendation was about six or so pumps (depending on thickness and length of your own hair, of course) that you work through the hair to the ends.

I got so wrapped up to listening that before I knew it, he exchanged the scissors for a blow-dryer.  Once he finished, I was so happy that I went with my feeling and let him have his way with those layers because it released even more amazing, full curls than before.

I loved it and told him so.  In return, he shared another curly hair secret of misting my hair the next day with water.  He said the water was enough to revive the style with the styling products he already had on.

If you also have curly hair, I hope you try these helpful tips from the salon because you will discover a beautiful difference in the behavior of your hair once you do!


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