Review: SexyBox Lingerie Subscription


SexyBox June 2015 lingerie gown.jpeg
This is what SexyBox selected for me.  It also has a daring, low back.


Ladies, if you want to channel your inner sex goddess, I know exactly how you can do it regardless of how big a size or small of one that you wear.  All you need is a SexyBox and the rest comes naturally!  If you never heard of this lingerie subscription then let me explain.  Each month a discreet black box arrives to surprise you with a specially selected lingerie outfit based on your preferences after answering their quiz.

SexyBox June 2015 thongs.jpeg
I received this pair of thongs from SexyBox to wear with that lingerie.


The cost for SexyBox is $34.95 a month with your first box being just $19.95 that is if you select the VIP Membership. Your other choice is the Pay As You Go option where you buy one box at full price without any further commitment.  Both subscription options can be changed at anytime.

Furthermore, both options include free shipping within the USA and exchanges.  However, there is a $10 charge involved for shipping outside of the USA to Canada.

I was delighted after I unwrapped that red tissue paper and discovered the sexy, little number inside.  The short gown composed of nylon, spandex and lace that I got was enticing and fit me quite well.  See how deliciously naughty it is in black with lace trim and lacy sheer bra with underwire support and matching sheer black thong.

Anyone desiring to feel a bit more sexy and crank up their love life, I think would be very happy with SexyBox.  After all, showing a bit of skin never hurts to inspire the imagination, now does it?  Do check them out!  I think that you will love what it can do.

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