How to Solve Foundation Turning Orange!


How to Solve Foundation Turning Orange!
Though orange is a lovely shade, the color is better on the fruit than your face.  However, there are ways around this problem.


Buying the right color of foundation can be tricky enough.  When you finally find the perfect shade and only have it change to an orange color an hour or so after you apply it, then you may be wondering why it happened.  I’ll explain this weird makeup problem and also how to solve foundation turning orange.

The reason for this unwanted color change is because the foundation has too much oil for your complexion to handle.  Therefore, the product oxidizes soon after it reacts with your skin’s own oils, causing the unwanted orange.

You have several options that are available.  The first is trying a silicone-based primer to layer underneath the product.   This should keep the formula from oxidizing to keep that original color lasting.

Buying a foundation a shade or two lighter also may reduce your likelihood of experiencing this type of problem.  Thus, you may want to return the product and exchange it for a paler color.

Another thing that you could also try for how to solve foundation turning orange is adding a little bit of talcum powder to it and shaking the bottle thoroughly.  This trick can often correct the problem.

You just need to be careful that you don’t add too much talcum powder at once.  This could cause lumps in the foundation as well as overly thicken the product.  If you went overboard and added too much, then a drop or two of glycerin helps bring back a nicer consistency.


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