How to Stay Beautiful While Beating Summer Heat!

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If you intend to stay gorgeous through the heat for maximizing summer beauty, then you may want to rethink some of your cosmetics. After all, pigments in many of those makeup products can transform on your face through heat and sweat. With just a few changes to the products that you use for summer beauty, you will save your impeccably made-up face from melting in the sun.

My first suggestion is to start wearing a silicone-based primer over your moisturizer with SPF before applying makeup.  This will absorb excess oils since skin does get more oily though the heat to keep everything intact.  Just remember to wait at least five minutes before other products so the primer has a chance to set.

Another idea is lightening up on foundation.  Summer months call for lighter water-based formulations of liquids or creams over heavier oil-based ones.  Try to use less or apply with a damp sponge to sheer the foundation out also helps it stay longer on a hot, humid day.

If you want the simple route for both coverage and sun protection, you can turn to a CC or BB Cream or a tinted moisturizer instead.

A stain for your cheeks or a creme blush may hold up longer over a cream or liquid form of foundation than sweeping on a powder blush.  On the same note, when using powder foundation aim for the powder blush. The rule for ultimate success is stick with similarly formulated products.

Switch out your liquid concealer for a dense, creamy one that can hold up better through the heat.

Strive for lighter, brighter and glimmering shades of eye shadow to keep your look fresh and dazzling as you take advantage of the sun.  Your best bet may be long-wearing waterproof cream shadows, gel or liquid liners, and mascaras.  Eyeliner pencils can pose more problems smearing due to their waxes.

Also, don’t forget to prime your eyes, especially if you’re intending on wearing powder shadows and liners. This will save you from that embarrassing problem of those products smudging or creasing or even worse, disappearing on you.

Blotting papers or even tissues are wonderful to keep in your handbag during the day for a quick repair when shine comes through.  Try separating a tissue and dabbing over the offending area before touching up with powder.

Stains for your lips may last the longest, but the texture is too dry.  To solve that issue, just add some lubrication and SPF protection from a lip balm or just go with a tinted lip balm.

A little summer beauty forethought can be all you need for looking your best as that barometer climbs.  You also may want to read my earlier post on summer skin care tips.

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  1. Steph D.
    July 7, 2015 / 1:20 am

    I agree primer is great in the summer to keep makeup in place!

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