Bronzing Tricks for Aging Skin to Get Glowing

Bronzing Tricks for Aging Skin to Get Glowing
Get glowing with bronzer to look your best at any age.


Whether you use bronzer just to warm up your complexion when paler faced than you like or wear it year round, there is a lot to love for what this one product can do for your beauty.  It can make a face look healthy, even out a tan, help reduce redness as well as enhancing our features.  In order to get the most out of a bronzer for an aging face, there are some bronzing tricks for aging skin you may want to try to stay on top of your beauty.

Invest in a golden apricot shade of cream highlighter for your cheekbones before applying your bronzer. This highlighter is what you need to subtly melt the bronze into your skin so it’s natural and seamless.

Try to stick with a bronzing powder that isn’t overly dark from your own skin tone is another bronzing trick for aging skin that definitely matters.  Look at your body because you need the parts of your face and neck to match. Otherwise, you can look freaky like Frankenstein with how those parts appear oddly pieced together.

Before you pick up that brush, make sure that your foundation, primer, and moisturizer are thoroughly dry. Practically dry can still cause you to streak and accumulate in spots, only to accent flaws and wrinkles.

Consider using the thickest, full brush such as a powder brush for dusting that bronzer on.  The more hair bristle count, the better the brush will sheer out the color for the most natural and even look.

Look at yourself in the mirror and dust some bronzing powder on your cheekbones and up to your forehead in a C-shape.  This placement will give you the most realistic glow since it is usually where the sun hits against your bone structure.

Don’t forget about evening out the rest of your complexion and neck with the bronzer to balance the look out.  This is still another of these important bronzing tricks for aging skin that shouldn’t be neglected.

Finish off with that bronzer application by applying a light pink shade of a cream blush high on the cheekbone.  This will give you the softest, most authentic youthful glow yet!

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