Why You May Want to Rethink Eyeliner Thickness

Why You May Want to Rethink Eyeliner Thickness
Sometimes, less is more in opening up the eye.  


Eyeliner is indispensable with the way it can magically bring out the eyes.  However, it can also do the opposite to close in the eye,  if you lay down too heavy a bold black line to encircle the entire eye.  Instead, you can better glam up eyes and make them appear bigger by concentrating on thickening the look of eyelashes over ringing them with the product that may be actually swallowing them up.  For this reason, you may want to rethink eyeliner thickness.

What I suggest doing is to keep the broadest section of that line at the outer corner of the eye where you have the longest and most lashes and gradually thin out toward the inner corner where the lashes are the smallest.  Just remember, the goal is to take the line across from one end of your lashes to where they stop, laying down as much liner in the area in proportion to the lashes there.  This is how you should line both the upper and bottom lashes.  If you stick with this plan,  your eyes will really benefit from the extraordinary way they will be enhanced.  This is why you may to rethink eyeliner thickness if you’re searching for a beautiful change.

Once you find the proper thickness of eyeliner fitting for your own lashes, you should play up your eye shadow more instead.  This will be even easier since you have opened up your eyes in this beautiful way!

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