Review + Swatches: Mineral Fusion Nail Polishes Treating Nails to Healthier, Caring Color for Summer 2015!

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Mineral Fusion six nail polishes.jpeg
The Mineral Fusion Nail Polish colors from left to right are Blaze, Sapphire Dream, Bubble, Rose Quartz, Treasure, and ending with Lagoon on the right. 

Beautifully painted nails always give style and flair.  Yet, many nail polishes and lacquers have less than healthy ingredients when you read the labels.  If you find a healthier alternative like Mineral Fusion Nail Polishes that have a gorgeous range of 61 shades and incredible finishes from creams, glitter, metallic, sheer to iridescent that hold up through the rigors of your day at a reasonable price, then you got a keeper.

Though I had used other products from this brand, I had never tried any of their 100% vegan, free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and disbutyl phthalate nail polishes until six perfect colors for now arrived. The shades I got were Sapphire Dream (teal blue cream), Bubble (lavender cream), Lagoon (seafoam green cream), Treasure (mustard-yellow iridescent), Blaze (red-orange cream), and Rose Quartz (medium mauve-pink cream).

Mineral Fusion six nail polish swatches.jpeg
On my left hand is Sapphire Dream (thumb), then Treasure, Rose Quartz, Lagoon, and ending with Blaze on my little finger.  Bubble is on my right thumb.

All the shades with the exception of one that I swatched provided excellent coverage with just one coat. Only Treasure, the yellow one, took three coats and was tricky to apply since it colored the sides and kept missing the middle of the nail. 

As far as drying time goes, it did not dry instantly but was quite typical of other polishes that I’ve used.  

My favorite shades were the Rose Quartz and Blaze.   Then again, the Bubble was a lovely, muted gray with lavender shade that brightened once applied that also appealed to me.  

To my happy surprise, this nail polish wore much longer than I ever expected without chipping.  In fact, I had some on for close to a week before the need to remove it. 

When you think of all the good things that this polish offers at only $7.99 a bottle, then how can you not love it?  I know that I want more and am interested in picking up their base and top coats as well as their polish remover after this experience.  How about you?  Have you tried Mineral Fusion Nail Polishes?  If not, do check out their website!

.*Disclaimer: Free product was provided to facilitate this review–not my opinion.* 


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  1. Anonymous
    September 30, 2015 / 12:37 am

    I love their nail polish. I admit I had my concerns – a vegan mineral cruelty-free nail polish? But it works wonder and doesn't chip! And they have great shades. It lead me to try their Cuticle Treatment which I fell in love with as well. Excited to try more products. Next is the new Liquid Foundation.

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