Callus Foot Fix Recipe to Soothe Rough Feet


Callus Foot Fix
Pretty feet need just as much tender loving care as your complexion–so treat them right with this great foot fix!


Give your feet the help it craves for rough skin or calluses with my other favorite nourishing DIY foot mask. What is so nice about this particular callus foot fix recipe is how relaxing it feels as those creamy, beneficial ingredients go to work.

Having olive oil with its rich antioxidants helps with smoothing and softening in this callus foot fix recipe.  This ingredient also is a form of vegetable squalene, a natural lubricant with humectant properties to attract the water to the skin cell for more thoroughly moisturizing that roughness.

Buttermilk is loaded with more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help keeps the skin supple. Something else it has is lactic acid, which provides gentle peeling for skin renewal.

Mayonnaise also provides a nourishing source of further benefits for that hard skin.  It has antioxidants and protein from its oil and eggs among the most noteworthy of its ingredients.

Last of all, this recipe uses tea tree oil for its antiseptic powers for killing bacteria and fungi, which could be lurking in a funky looking toe nail.

After you prepare this callus foot fix recipe, you will have to drape enough plastic wrap around your feet to cover them once you spread the mixture on.  You also will need a clean pair of white cotton socks to keep the treatment intact.

DIY Callus Foot Fix Recipe


½ cup of olive oil
½ cup of buttermilk
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
4 drops of tea tree oil
Plastic Wrap

Blend all the ingredients together before spreading on your clean feet.

Then wrap your freshly lubricated feet in plastic wrap and securing in a pair of white cotton socks.

Wear this treatment at least an hour or longer for even more benefits.

You will love the results!



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