Try This DIY Body Scrub for a Baby-Soft Body


Try This DIY Body Scrub for a Baby-Soft Body Baby
This little one has every reason to smile with that beautiful skin and adorable face.


As babies, all of us are born with the ultimate in fresh, soft skin. Sadly though, this beauty changes the more we experience the world and age.  Regardless of what is a natural part of life, there is still a way to make your body feeling as ultimately soft as a newborn through this great nourishing homemade skin care exfoliator that I have for you today with my DIY body scrub.

My recipe involves two steps–-the exfoliation itself followed by feeding the skin before finally rinsing the ingredients off.  It may sound like extra work, but consider it your spa day since you’re in store for beautiful skin.

What you’ll need to accomplish this doesn’t call for any fancy, expensive ingredients, but things that you probably have in your refrigerator or pantry right now.  If not, then put a container of plain yogurt, olive oil, honey, and plain sugar on your grocery store list because these are what you’ll need.

The sugar crystals will help with the rougher exfoliation of dead skin cells for this DIY body scrub.  Check the sugar because you are better off using one with a finer grain over a coarser crystal.

The lactic acid in the yoghurt will also help speed along exfoliation since it is an alpha hydroxy acid that can help slough off dead skin cells for improved skin texture.  This ingredient, which you’ll also be using to feed the skin is also wonderful for holding in its moisture.

Both olive oil and honey are humectants, which have the capability of helping the skin retain moisture and smoothing.  The olive oil is packaged with antioxidant power from vitamin E, plyphenols and phytosterols. Honey is a rich source of amino acids, peptide and vitamins while it also has antimicrobial properties for healing the epidermis as well.

My Super Softener DIY Body Scrub


1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of plain yogurt + 3 tablespoons for the final skin nourishing follow-up
2 tablespoons of honey
1/4 cup of olive oil


Combine the ingredients and then proceed to your bathroom.  If you have a body mitt, you might want to use it or you can just apply the mixture once you take a shower with your fingers.

Apply to your clean, moistened skin using circular motions when you start exfoliating, working toward your heart.

When you finish massaging the exfoliator in, then rinse and massage in the remaining three tablespoons of plain yogurt and then rinse.

You won’t believe the petal softness that your skin has once you step out of that shower.

Try to moisturize the still damp skin within five minutes after you emerge for the ultimate baby soft skin.


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